Join Hackathons UK

Become a part of what makes Hackathons UK great and help us empower hackers and organisers across the UK!

This page covers how to join Hackathons UK as a member. If you're looking for event support, please fill out our contact form.

At Hackathons UK we're always looking to grow our team so we can do our best to support the UK Hackathon Community.

To help us do awesome things, the best thing to do is join the organisation as a member.

We have two forms of membership, voting membership and associate membership.

Voting members make up our core team and we'll consider anyone that can demonstrate that they are a valuable community leader. Voting members also exist as legal members within the organisation, and thus are able to influence the work we do more significantly than associate members. If you wish to be come a voting member, you can learn more here.

Associate membership is designed to enable members of the UK Hackathon community to leverage the resources that Hackathons UK can provide to put on their own events activities that can empower hackers. Associate members have much more restricted access to the organisation, and don't have the ability to directly vote on how the organisation operates. If you're interested in becoming an associate member, you can learn more here.