Empowering student hackathon organisers and hackers in the UK.

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We are Hackathons UK

We're a growing, community-led non-profit focused on supporting hackathon organisers and student tech societies in the United Kingdom. Hackathons UK represents the tightly knit community of hackathon organisers in the UK. A dynamic, inclusive and ever-changing community, we focus on providing knowledge and resources to hackathon organisers at universities and further afield. Having been there ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to put these events together!

We're a young but growing organisation rapidly developing the hackathon space. We're led by the community and driven to share our knowledge and experience of organising hackathons with new organisers to best support events and mitigate inevitable knowledge loss due to the fast-changing nature of student-led organisations. Hackathons are great for so many reasons. These weekend-long invention marathons provide so many professional and personal development opportunities for everybody who's involved in them...

4000+Hackers Reached
1000Projects Judged
30Events Supported
4Years in Operation

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Not sure how to get started hacking?

We know that getting started can be daunting. We want to make sure everyone is comforable and has a great time regardless of skill level.

If you're ready to take your first steps but not sure where to start, why not join our Discord? We'll help you get started and find a community local to you!

Organising a hackathon, or want to start one?

We want to help. By providiing free comprehensive support throughout the entire organisation process we aim to ensure that the UK hackathon community continues to grow.

If you think you might want to start a hackathon, why not chat with us and see what we can do for you. Already planning one? Great! We want to hear all about it. Whether you partner with us or not we want to make sure we ensure all hackathons in the UK have visibility!

Help us support the community

Sponsors are provided with valuable opportunities to engage with the next generation of software developers, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, innovators, by sending their engineers and recruiters to add value to a hackathon. Sponsors get an opportunity to promote their product / API / service / company to students and other hackathon attendees for the purposes of product testing / promotion, and to recruit new developers.

Alternatively, you can support us by getting directly involved and volunteering! Share your knowledge of hackathon organising with the wider community as well as the potential to help with the organisation and running of Hackathons UK. Other skills such as design, dev, and number wizards are also welcome.

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