Branding Guidelines

Hackathons UK Logos and How to Use Them

How to Use

Hackathons UK has two logos, our wide text mark, and our square mark. This guide only discusses using our text mark.

If you think you need to use our square mark, please get in touch.

First, and foremost, do not modify our logo. You may use it in appropriate contexts, such as displaying us as a partner on a website or slide deck when we've told you that we're partners.

You should display the Hackathons UK logo on it's own with enough margin to distinguish itself as unique from any other assets around it.

You should never display it in a way that could cause someone to mistake your website or publication as representing Hackathons UK.

On websites, if you are able, we recommend you always use the SVG version of the logo.


There are three variants of our logo, white, pink, and black. When and where to use them depends on the background you're putting them on.



You should only use the Pink Logo on a White Background.

svg | png



You should use the black logo on any light background that isn't white.

svg | png



You should use the white logo on any dark background.

svg | png